Plume Clothing Silk Satin Scrunchie Green


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What do you do with left over fabric scraps? Make scrunchies of course! 

Once we cut out our garments we are left with small often unusable pieces of fabric, so we decided to give them a new life by turning them into cute 'lil scrunchies! Perhaps you should get a matching dress and scrunchie? Yes! 

As they are made from scraps, they are all slightly different. Maybe some are shorter, thinner or wider, but one thing's for sure, they are all cute! Please bear in mind yours may look slightly different to those pictured, but it will most definitely be a scrunchie.


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*Orders of a single scrunchie will be sent via Regular Letter post and will not have tracking 


Available in:

  • Cotton: White, black corduroy, rainbow 
  • Linen: Lilac
  • Silk Satin: Emerald green, pale pink, red 


Gentle machine or handwash. Hand made in Melbourne, Australia.
Approx. diameter 10cm